AREYLight Ai

Autonomous Lighting Management

Advanced Energy Efficiency and Smart City Technology



Smart Units, with neural network connection on the network

They turn into Autonomous Lighting groups.

In this way, up to 60% gain values are obtained.

We provide remote control of your lighting units without the need for infrastructure.
By reducing your spending, we quickly return your current investments to you.

Data-driven Smart City Infrastructure

Autonomous control structure with artificial intelligence.


Vehicle, human transition

Traffic jam
Lighting need
and more

End-to-end smart city Solutions

Autonomous control structure with artificial intelligence.


100% Smart Parking Support

Remote reading with meter systems
Real-time city iot map
Energy use and management is a parking lot finding and orientation application prepared by AREYTech.
It instantly notifies empty areas with its sound synthesizers and artificial intelligence supported structure in the vehicle.














The special sensors we place on your lighting devices detect the need for lighting and then send this information to the AREYLight application.


The AREYLight algorithm processes instant data from sensors, converting the ideal illumination value to light.


Thanks to optimized lighting, it provides at least 60% savings in your energy expenditures.

We create real-time digital map of the city with sensor, hardware, internet data.
Hundreds of problems needed with autonomous control technology are removed with artificial intelligence.

Revolutionary artificial intelligence technology comes to our cities with AREYLight Ai

More than 61% energy efficiency

A more successful energy management than ever in lighting systems with artificial intelligence support

Artificial Intelligence Technology

We make the sensor and big data meaningful and teach the management to the machines

Internet Of Things

We control the streets with artificial intelligence by wrapping cities like spider webs.

The Power of Autonomous Control

Feel the power of energy management with autonomous system technology

Energy efficiency starts with lighting

High Level Energy Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

The 92.8% percent of Turkey’s population lives in urban areas. The intense lighting needs and resource consumption of the cities pose a problem for our future. As AREYTech, we undertake this mission to leave a cleaner and livable world for future generations.

With the intelligent city technologies supported by artificial intelligence, we provide 35% * in energy use with current technologies, while we provide efficiency performance over 61% with AREYLight Ai.

AIoT Autonomous Internet of Things

With 5.0, we now improve the communication of machines with each other. Autonomous technologies take city security to a higher level. We can send Autonomous Drones to regions in cases such as a gunshot, call for help. In addition, our units switch to “alterative communication” channel in disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and provide access support to the help calls that our citizens need!

AREYTech Ai Technologies in our living spaces

Be ready to see the high-tech solutions we see in movies and media in street streets and even playgrounds very soon.

  • Lighting Levels pass to specified need levels
  • Energy efficiency and high savings values
  • Traffic density and city problems early detection application
  • We are ready to meet your needs with presence sensors
  • Our autonomous drones are with you when you need them
  • Data support for our autonomous vehicles such as TOGG, Tesla
  • Instant monitoring and investment management of city expansion
  • A safer and more peaceful city with artificial intelligence applications
Toplu taşıma bilgi sistemi
Otonom Aydınlatma Sistemi Kontrolü
Trafik Yoğunluğu & Kavşak Yönetimi
Sayaç Okuma, Yangın Tespit modülleri
Smartboard ile multimediya yönetimi
Hava Kirliliği, Görüş Mesafesi
Atık , geridönüşüm bilgi sistemi

Discover the Power of Autonomous Control

Management and monitoring of thousands of sensors and devices in cities are handled by artificial intelligence. You decide what you need to determine.

Management & Information Screen

Manage your city or region from anywhere in the world, get instant notifications via the internet

Start Early Earning

Instant Energy can increase efficiency or significantly reduce the labor force spent. Advanced technology solutions with artificial intelligence support AREYTech Ai